OUIL: Operating Under the Influence of Liquor.
UDAA: Unauthorized Driving Away of an Automobile.
MDOP: Malicious Destruction Of Property
BOL: Be On the Lookout.
DUI: Driving Under the Influence.
PPO: Personal Protection Order
LEIN: Law Enforcement Identification Network
PDA: Property Damage Accident
CSC: Criminal Sexual Conduct
DWI: Driving While Intoxicated
B&E: Breaking & Entering
DOA: Dead On Arrival
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
GSW: Gun Shot Wound
MVA: Motor Vehicle Accident
A/R: Armed Robbery
PI: Personal Injury(Accident)
PDA: Property Damage Accident
ALS: Advanced Life Support
BLS: Basic Life Support
DWLS: Driving While License Suspended
GOA: Gone On Arrival
HOOK: Tow Truck
K: Killed
PBT: Portable Breathalyzer Test
RIG: Ambulance
MEI: Medical Examiner's Investigator
DOT: Direction of Travel
A&O: Alert & Oriented
FD: Fire Department
PD: Police Department
REG: Vehicle Registration
DOB: Date Of Birth
VCSA: Violation of Controlled Substance Act.
UTL: Unable To Locate
tx: Phone call
DOS: Dead On Scene
R&O: Resisting And Obstructing

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